A guide to finding quality CBD oil

The popularity of CBD products such as oils, capsules and cosmetics has exploded in Europe and the US.

The increase in popularity is explained by changes in legislation that are more positive for the sector, as well as an increase in the number of operators in the sector. A large proportion of new entrants seek high returns, often through questionable means, because they are not familiar with the legislation. Customers may break the law by buying from the wrong trader. It can be a challenge for consumers to know which company to trust in the CBD sector. In addition, many customers have formed horror images of buying CBD products after reading about the negative experiences of other consumers. These experiences are often related to the quality of CBD products, the vagueness of websites (strange payment methods) and Customs detentions.

Opas laadukkaan CBD-öljyn löytämiseen

Find a quality CBD oil and a company selling it

At Arctic Oils we understand why for many people buying CBD can be a headache. Inspired by this, we decided to write an article with a list of selection criteria you should keep in mind when buying CBD products. The guide will help you assess the reliability of CBD operators and find the best CBD oil for you. You can use the same selection criteria for other CBD products. Our selection criteria focus on product quality (hemp and extraction technology) and company (transparency/reliability, legality and website quality).

Product quality

1. Hemp soil and growing method

When choosing a CBD supplier, you want to ensure that the company’s products are of marketable quality. Product quality is the sum of many factors. This is firstly influenced by the soil in which the hemp is grown and the chemicals used in the growing process. Ideally, you want to find a product that has been grown organically. This way you can be sure of a clean product.

2. Pioneering technology

Once the hemp has been collected and transported to the processing plant, you want to find out how CBD is extracted from it. Extraction technology plays a key role in considering the purity and quality of the product. There are several possible technologies. Below you can see a comparison of the different technologies, and their advantages and disadvantages:

a. Solvent extraction

In this method, a solvent (commonly ethanol or a hydrocarbon such as butane or propane) is used to extract the CBD from the hemp plant. CBD is dissolved in a solvent, which is then removed from the plant. CBDs can then be extracted from the solvent at high temperature or further processed by other means.


This is one of the most common methods of CBD extraction, as it is efficient and can be easily scaled up to larger production volumes. The process is also relatively cost-effective and does not require as much specialised equipment as many other extraction methods. Dissolution is a good way to extract the desired constituents from hemp and hydrocarbon extraction retains the taste and smell of hemp well.


Due to the flammability of solvents, the method can be relatively dangerous depending on the conditions. In addition, if the operation is not carried out completely, residues of the solvent may remain in the finished product. Especially when dissolved in ethanol, the final product may have a bitter and unpleasant taste.

b. Extraction with olive oil

“Natural solvents” such as olive oil are used to extract CBD. This method is not so much used for commercial purposes as it is used by CBD enthusiasts. The method involves heating the raw hemp to a certain temperature, then adding it to olive oil and heating it again to extract the CBD. Olive oil does not vaporize like ethanol or other hydrogen-based solvents, so the end result is not as concentrated as commercially produced CBD. Instead, the product is a CBD-infused oil.


The method is cheap and simple, which makes it easy to do at home. The method also ensures that no residues of any excess substances end up in the product – without the need for expensive equipment.


The final product is perishable (compared to commercial alternatives) and does not taste as pleasant. In addition, because the method is not as precise as other extraction methods, the resulting CBD oil is not as concentrated. So you have to use much more oil to achieve the same benefits.

c. Höyrytislaus

This common method used for the extraction of essential oils can also be used for the extraction of cannabinoids. The method uses steam to release cannabinoids from raw hemp. The released vapour, full of the desired ingredients, is cooled and condensed. Finally, the resulting water and oil are separated.


The method is cheap and simple, and does not use any additional ingredients.


The method is inefficient and considerably more hemp is needed to produce the same amount of oil. The resulting CBD oil is also variable in quality and the CBD content can vary greatly. In addition, the method can damage the chemical properties of cannabinoids, as CBD can be sensitive to high temperatures.

d. CO2 UUTO (carbon dioxide)

In this process, CO2 (or carbon dioxide) is used to extract cannabinoids and other desired compounds from the harvested hemp. This scientifically very advanced method uses three chambers; the first one converts CO2 into a liquid form by increasing the chamber pressure and decreasing the temperature. Next, the temperature and pressure are slowly increased until the liquid CO2 reaches a “supercritical” point, where CO2 is between liquid and gaseous states. In this state, carbon dioxide retains the properties of both states; it expands like a gas, but is condensed like a liquid. When the carbon dioxide reaches this optimum state, it is pumped into another chamber containing the hemp. CO2 passes through the hemp to extract the cannabinoid-rich oil. The oil and carbon dioxide then pass into the third chamber, where they are separated and the remaining carbon dioxide is evaporated. The end result is a highly concentrated CBD oil extract.


The method is very precise and does not contain solvents. It is also safe for both the staff operating the equipment and the environment (as it is highly energy efficient). The end result is a high standard CBD oil extract with concentrations you can be sure of.


The method is a very complex scientific process and requires advanced and expensive equipment to work

Product quality in a nutshell

Everyone can have their own preferences as to which method and from which hemp they want their CBD oil to come. However, we can say that the best product in general is made from pure organically grown hemp, extracted using efficient technology. This is how we at Arctic Oils recommend buying CO2 extracted CBD oil, which is verified from organic hemp. With these values and methods, we have also strived to produce the products our customers love most and the highest quality on the market. Arctic Oils CBD oils are produced in Italy from organically grown hemp, transported to a factory in Slovenia for CO2 extraction. We’re sure you’ll fall in love with our quality.

Quality of the business

However, in addition to the quality of the product, attention must also be paid to the company that produces it and how it operates. We have divided the trustworthiness of the company into the following areas; transparency and reliability, legality and website quality.

Reliability / Transparency

When considering which CBD company to buy your product from, you want to make sure it is reliable. However, reliability is a vague concept; what does a reliable CBD company mean? We believe that reliability is the sum of many factors. The first thing you want to ensure is transparency of ownership and management; can you see on the website who works for the company and where it is registered? We firmly believe that only CBD companies that put a face to their business are worthy of trust. You can read about the owners and employees of Arctic Oils here. You also want to find out the origin of the company. If you cannot find the company’s registration details on the website (business ID and address), you cannot rely on the company’s legality. Cases have also been brought to court in Finland where CBD importers have committed criminal offences. If you want, you can also check that the brand you are looking at is visible on social media. One easy way to check what consumers think about a CBD company’s policies and products is to read the company’s ratings on Trustpilot.


In addition to the register information we discussed in the previous chapter, there are other ways of approaching the issue of legality. One of the easiest ways to make sure your company is doing things right is to check how you can pay for your company’s products. When businesses want to sell CBD oils and other CBD products, they have to go through the risk management of several payment service providers. These payment service providers (e.g. PayPal, Klarna, Stripe) must be provided with certificates of the legitimacy of the products and the company. We therefore recommend that you only buy from companies whose websites allow you to pay in a reliable way. We strongly advise you to avoid companies whose websites only allow you to pay by direct bank transfer. For one reason or another, these companies have not passed the payment service providers’ risk management and may operate illegally. You can also check the CBD company’s website to see if there is any current CBD legislation. Arctic Oils has written a topical piece on the subject here.

In addition to secure payment methods, you’ll want to check that the products the company itself sells are laboratory-tested and legal. Only products containing less than 0.2% THC are legal in EU countries. In addition, the CBD oil must be legally produced in an EU country. You will want to verify all of the above information on the website of the company selling CBD. When buying CBD oils from dubious websites, there is always a risk of getting caught by Customs. In this case, you could lose both the product and the money you spent on it.

Finally, it probably goes without saying that you want to buy CBD from a company. There are several network marketing companies in the CBD industry that use individuals to sell CBD products. These individuals are paid to sell products, but often the companies they represent do not have their own websites or licences to sell CBD products.

Quality of pages

Finally, you want to make sure that the company has a quality website. Often, a quality website is a sign of a quality company that also invests in quality CBD products. Check the layout, grammar and functionality of your website. Is it easy to find information on the website? If the website is unclear, it is possible that the company is operating in the grey area. Several grammatical errors indicate a low level of investment in the Finnish market.


The text above will give you an idea of how to choose a company that sells quality CBD products and operates according to the right principles. At Arctic Oils, we are committed to quality in everything we do, whether it’s the quality of our products or our customer service. In everything we do, we strive to be the highest quality player in the CBD industry. Not only do we talk about quality and reliability, but we also have a personal presence on our website.

Arctic Oils CBD products are registered at EU level and therefore legal in all member states. In addition to our own laboratory, our products are laboratory tested by an external research institute to guarantee the legality and quality of our products. We are also the only CBD company in the EU where you can pay securely with Klarna. So we offer you the option to pay only when you receive the products at your home. We firmly believe that everyone should be able to benefit from top quality CBD without the stress of having to worry about the legality of the product or the company selling it. That’s why we created Arctic Oils just for you.

However, if you don’t want to buy CBD products from us, this guide will help you weed out the unreliable CBD operators and find the best CBD product and company to sell it. With our selection criteria you will find high quality CBD oils and legitimate, trustworthy CBD companies.

However, let’s hope you buy your CBD from us 😉

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