Legality of CBD oils and other products in Finland (2023)

The question of whether CBD oils and other CBD products are legal in Finland is a frequent concern for Finnish consumers. Especially now that CBD products have been much discussed in the national media(Iltasanomat, HS, Yle)

Therefore, we found it useful to write an up-to-date (2023) guide on Finnish CBD legislation. We hope this guide will help you understand why CBD oils and many other products are now fully legal in Finland.

The legality of CBD in Finland is influenced by several factors. Below we have compiled the relevant legislation that will allow you to buy CBD from our store with confidence.

1. Laws of the European Union

a) Free movement of goods

The European Union’s laws on the free movement of goods (Articles 26 and 28-37 TFEU) allows a product legally produced in an EU country to be sold within the European Union to other EU countries. In the case of CBD, the issue has been discussed EU law, when the court ruled that a single EU country cannot prohibit the marketing and sale of a CBD product legally produced in another EU country in its own country, as long as the product is made from the whole Cannabis sativa (and not just the seeds and fibres). If a country wants to derogate from EU legislation, it must prove the potential danger of the substance (CBD) to the general public welfare. This evidence must be based on scientific data. The Finnish state has not proven that CBD is dangerous and therefore does not deviate from EU legislation.

b) Cosmetics legislation

The Court’s decision in case C-663/18 and the EIHA (European Industrial Hemp Association) recommendation contributed to the EU decision to add CBD from Cannabis Sativa (L) to the EUCosmetics Information Database(CosIng). The decision made it legal to sell CBD for cosmetic purposes in all EU countries. However, it should be noted that products may only be marketed for external use. Arctic Oils CBD oils are registered in the European CPNP register as cosmetic products and are therefore certified and legal in all EU countries.

2. Decision of the Supreme Administrative Court

In the past, several of our competitors’ products have been detained while on their way to Finland due to Customs and Fimea. These rights of Customs and Fimea to detain CBD oil ordered to Finland on the basis of Section 19 of the Medicines Act and Sections 3 and 4 of the Decree on the personal import of medicinal products to Finland have been discussed by the Supreme Administrative Court(KHO:2021:146) in 2021.

According to the KHO decision, Customs has no valid grounds to detain CBD products under the legislation, even if Fimea considers CBD oil to contain a listed substance as a medicinal product. In the light of national provisions on the definition of a medicinal product and the case-law of the Court of Justice, each product must be defined as a medicinal product on a case-by-case basis by an appealable decision of the competent authority. A directive or opinion issued by Fimea to Customs is not such a decision.

Thus, neither Customs nor Fimea has the power to detain our products, or to prevent customers from legally ordering our products. So you can safely buy Arctic Oils CBD oils classified as cosmetics.

3. The legality of Arctic Oils CBD oils

Considering the above mentioned EU and Finnish national law, we can state that Arctic Oils CBD oils are fully legal in Finland. The products are legally manufactured in the EU (Slovenia) and marketed from Estonia, where our warehouse is located. Both countries have favourable CBD legislation, allowing sales to other EU countries.
In addition, our products are registered in the European CPNP register as cosmetic products, which makes it clear that our products are not covered by pharmaceutical legislation. Our products are also not subject to a decision on classification. In addition, each batch of our products is laboratory tested in several laboratories to ensure that the THC content is within legal reference levels.

In addition to the legality of the products, you can be sure of their quality. All our CBD oils are extracted from organically grown hemp using the best CO2 technology in the industry. This way, our full spectrum CBD oils contain all the terpenes and flavonoids naturally occurring in hemp. Our customers have also fallen in love with our quality – we have received only five-star reviews for our products!

So you can buy CBD oil from Arctic Oils without any worries.

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